Friday, 29 October 2010

Death Of The Doctor...?

This particular story in The Sarah Jane Adventures has drawn more scrutiny from general Whogeekery than most, because of (a) that title, (b) Matt Smith, (c) Jo Jones nee Grant and (d) Russell T Davies returning to writing the universe he left running less than a year ago. And (e) the regeneration limit gag and (f) the bit at the end.

So apart from all that, from a things-to-run-with-in-games perspective, what does it bring us?

A really rather obvious "secret" UNIT base under Mount Snowdon. Seriously, did you see that matte painting?

And indeed their way of informing Sarah Jane of the funeral by arriving on her doorstep in two fully-loaded APCs and telling her rather than, say, phoning her.

And a moonbase.

The Shansheeth, terribly polite space undertakers. Their usual MO involves turning up at battlefields and returning fallen heroes home, like much less attractive Valkyries.

Jo and her extended family of antiestablishment superheroes, with one already elevated to guest player character cast member.

Also A Charitable Earth run by Dorothy something, what Tegan, Ben and Polly are up to, and the indication that Ian and Barbara are immortal. So if you ever feel like bringing in an old companion, RTD says go for it.

The Groske. Like the Graske, but blue, and not evil. Pizza good!

A location-switching-across-the-galaxy "space-swapping doodah thimgummiwhatsit". Not bad for a kludge with no sonic screwdriver.

The Scarlet Monstrosity, and the Wasteland of the Crimson Heart. RTD's work is apparently in its Red Period.

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