Sunday, 14 November 2010

A series-ful of classic Who plots: A Series!

And finally...

So what could one do with all this? Something like this, perhaps.

I've thrown in half a dozen new one-sentence episode ideas (and moved The House That Screamed forwards several centuries because of one) but listed what's what to give an idea of the shape and rhythm, trying not to put too many modern stories or varieties of historical next to each other for example.

The Complete Series N

1: The Last Day (Series Opener, Aliens Of London)
Emily (Felicity Jones) meets the Doctor, faces the Dark Rider, identifies a key clue to the mystery, and jumps at the chance to travel in space and time.

2: The Rose And The Thorn (Historical, borderline Celebrity Historical)
Nearly being killed by loyalist assassins during the coronation of Elizabeth the First does nothing to dampen her enthusiasm.

3: Hunter's Moons (Base Under Siege)
Given a chance to see the future as well as the past, she stands on another world - and is nearly eaten by bloodthirsty monsters controlled by an unknown force.

4: Destroyer Of The Daleks ((Insert Ominous Word Here) Of The Daleks)
A return to the present is derailed by Daleks assassinating scientists, and mysterious people with silvery grey eyes assassinating Daleks...

5: Mind's Eye (Celebrity Historical)
Featuring Emily Blunt as Mary Shelley, Ben Aldridge as Percy Bysshe Shelley and Luke Goss as The Creature.

6: The Furies (Secret Invasion 1)
While dealing with the Galatea, Emily also has to deal with her feelings for those she left behind. Has absence made the heart grow fonder?

7: Black Fire (Secret Invasion 2)
The Galatea created the most powerful oil extractor in the world - and it will drain the world dry if they use it at full power!

8: The House That Screamed (Pseudohistorical)
In a Georgian country house at the edge of a rift in time, the Doctor and Emily finally learn the secret of the Dark Rider - a man whose reality no longer exists, who seeks to bring time crashing down to take back the life that was stolen from him.

9: The Watcher In The Woods (Format-Bender, Pseudohistorical, Princess Bride Homage)
A story recounted as a fairytale, its details distorted by arguments between the storyteller and the audience, involving an alien preying on the fears of superstitious peasants, and the Doctor and Emily as larger-than-life heroes.

10: The Gods Of Sontar ((Insert Ominous Word Here) Of The Daleks)
The Doctor and Emily are captured by Sontarans on a distant colony world - Sontarans with a plan that seems impossible...

11: The Girl Who Never Was (Doctor-Lite Episode)
A time-travelling enemy tries to erase Emily from history, forcing the Doctor to cross her timeline without being noticed. Played from the perspective of Emily's parents.

12: The Last Hour (Season Finale 1)
The Dark Rider returns at the head of a nightmare army and threatens the universe.

13: The Last Minute (Season Finale 2)
With the Doctor apparently dead, can Emily solve the riddle of the Dark Rider and save him and time itself?

CIN: A Shaggy Dog Story (Children In Need Special)
The Doctor and Emily help Pickles the dog to retrieve the 1966 World Cup.

X: Midwinter (Christmas Special, (Insert Ominous Word Here) Of The Daleks)
An attempt at a quiet Christmas back in the present is interrupted by blizzards, heralding the return of the Ice Warriors!

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