Monday, 14 November 2011


Before getting this month's SFX I was at best vaguely aware of Pathfinders In Space, now on DVD, hence it being reviewed. Sydney Newman running an educational space opera (which presaged Lost In Space rather heavily, with a better sense of direction) five years before launching a noted Police Box.

It would therefore seem ideal for back references to (mostly) British pioneers of the stars with stiff upper lips and Dan Dare gentlemanly pulp heroism.

"Ah yes, the Pathfinder Project! The Wedgwood family, unsung pioneers of the British Rocket Group. Mad, every last one of them. Took a guinea pig with them. Literally a guinea pig."

And for added head-scratching...

"Wait, what do you mean we landed on the Moon in 1960? You're the worst time traveller ever."
"They kept it very hush-hush, it was the engineer and his kids launched by accident - health and safety nightmare!"

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