Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Sound Of Who

Today’s pretty epic Google Doodle celebrates Robert Moog. It would be a very silly Doodle based adventure that had our heroes relying on a sound synthesiser to save the world. But...

So instead, synthesised sound got me thinking about the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire creating the theme and music for Doctor Who. Music continued to play an important role in the show to this day, from the eerie electronic soundtracks of early Doctors to the rollicking symphonic sound Murray Gold brings to the modern show.

I tend not to use music in session, partially because I usually GM in society spaces but also because I am, by default, pretty quiet. However, I’ll occasionally send a link to a suitable piece in a pre-adventure teaser email, or reference a specific song, or include “and now the creepy music starts” in my narration.

And an adventure about music, or sound in general, would certainly be possible. Consider the film Pontypool or the second issue of Global Frequency, where just hearing the wrong phrase can change someone...

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