Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Alphabet Of Fear

The new Doctor Who Magazine is out!

(Which is not normally newsworthy, as it’s lovely and reliable, but the issue before last was a week late and the last issue didn’t turn up in many places and it was all a bit worrying, especially as I really wanted to see the comic as I wanted to see Amy and Rory having another adventure...)

Anyway, a few things worth chatting about. A nice big interview with Karen Gillan, and another retrospectively with Mary Tamm. A feature about Wizards Vs. Aliens. A “Battle Of Wits” debate about the Doctor using violence, mostly triggered by Solomon and Kahler-Jex in the last few weeks.

And The A To Z Of Dread, an alphabetical-ish list of scary Who things. Alphabetical-ish because it follows things like “D is for Daleks” with “E is for Evil” - and then “O is for Oh Dear God, Those Eyes”, which I think could have been E.

Still, flicking through it is liable to give a Whovian GM ideas. I’ve barely touched on Automatons or Possession, or Oh Dear God, Those Eyes for that matter...

Okay, letter at random...

“X Is For X Factor”.

The unknown. “To this day, some of the most intimidating and intriguing entities are the ones we know little about...”

In this day and age of the Doctor meeting returning and even brand new monsters with their names and planets of origin, actually puzzling something out is fairly rare, and being left unknowing rarer still.

Tricky to do in a Who-style game as well, as a failed Knowledge roll can always get bumped up with Story Points. So it would have to be something unknowable...

And something unknowable should probably have a form of address rather than an actual name.

What unwary mortal has unearthed or summoned the Ancient? What is its purpose? What does it seek now, beyond the deaths of the people in this sleepy English village? And how did it kill them, drowned in their warm dry beds?

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