Friday, 18 January 2013

We apologise for the delay...

“Delay? But we’re in a time machine?!”

(Written before my dad, who was supposed to be flying from Edinburgh to Sydney via Heathrow today, discovered this afternoon that he has to wait till tomorrow and fly from Glasgow via Dubai instead...)

Being British, I sometimes talk about the weather. Right now, there’s snow on the ground outside but none falling. It’s coming down hard on Wales and the south (a shot of Number Ten on the news looked like the start of a Yes, Prime Minister Christmas special) and shutting schools and disrupting flights and the like.

(And now I’m wondering what a Yes, Prime Minister Christmas special would be like... Sir Humphrey as the ghosts of past, present and future?)

I’ve addressed this before. (Killer snowmen in Doctor Who? What an extraordinary notion!)

So this time let’s look at the disruption such events can cause. With a TARDIS it’s usually the mechanics breaking down, of course. Enforced separation from the TARDIS is a classic technique to raise the stakes of an adventure, although best used sparingly as it’s likely to annoy. But there are still plenty of chances to strand the PCs in isolated areas, aboard local forms of transport, or in a Base Under Siege.

And what could disrupt normal TARDIS use? I can imagine Gallifrey’s “absolute time” would - so you can’t jump the queue for repairs.

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