Monday, 28 October 2013

Edith Head

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the 116th birthday of Edith Head, winner of a record eight Oscars (out of thirty-five nominations) for her costume designs, including instantly recognisable styles from Breakfast At Tiffany’s to Vertigo.

I suspect if Doctor Who were to have a Celebrity Historical about a fashion designer it would be Coco Chanel, but the Doctor might bump into Edith repeatedly on set as he chases something sinister through Hitchcock’s career, and she always notices the time travellers first of all the people around because of what they wear. The trick would be not to play her too much like Edna from The Incredibles.

And of course The Birds is a Doctor Who adventure waiting to happen, just add a resolution probably involving aliens.

(Speaking of, she also worked on the 50s version of War Of The Worlds...)

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