Friday, 21 March 2014


I’m currently painting a batch of miniatures.

Including some Heresy, Hasslefree and Crooked Dice ones that just happen to coincidentally resemble characters from Doctor Who.

But also a selection from Reaper’s Chronoscope range, seemingly dedicated to making miniatures of anything they fancy.

Modern? SF? Fantasy? Superheroes? Pulp? Westerns? Steampunk? Horror? It’s all here, and generally in very nice sculpts too. And, oh yes, time travellers as well.

I snagged a few in metal and a few in their Bones plastic recastings, despite having no actual use for them (or miniatures in general) while I was ordering a couple I did need for something.

(And their latest Bones Kickstarter set includes large modern terrain pieces, such as a police box...)

You could pick a random number from the catalogue and have your time travellers meet just about anyone in the line. (Skipping the gratuitous kink figures.)

Including Doc Holliday and Socrates, who the Doctor has already met!

The companions face the threat of an alien warrior!

A robot assassin seeks the man with two hearts!

Discover the secret of Professor Kraken!

Can they trust the alien advisor? Can they afford not to?

Join with a revolutionary hero of 19th century California!

And try to stop the Tool Bots dismantling the TARDIS to fix one minor fault!

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