Tuesday, 19 August 2014

You Only Know The Names

The new Radio Times is out with Peter Capaldi looking sternly out above the strapline I Am The Doctor. And the big preview of the season includes the now traditional rundown of episode titles, writer and director credits, and rather vague descriptions. SFX has the titles and credits here.

And because it’s always fun, taking each title and thinking of an adventure hook, deliberately not based on anything I might know. I have a pretty good idea what episode three is about, but no idea about episode four...

Deep Breath
The TARDIS lands in Atlantis, on the eve of the flood.

Into The Dalek
It is called the Dalek. It was the masterpiece of a civilisation at war, a battleship a thousand feet tall named after the most terrifying thing their culture had ever known. Abandoned in the Time War, adrift at the edge of known space... and someone inside is sending a distress signal.

Robot Of Sherwood
Okay, this one is kinda hard to avoid what I believe is the actual plot... But let’s turn it upside down. A mechanical Robin  Hood on the loose in modern-day Nottingham.

A twelve-year-old girl, born deaf, discovers she can hear some people. And that they aren’t actually people.

Time Heist
How do you stop a thief who can move between the seconds?

The Caretaker
The man who guards UNIT’s archives undergoes short-term memory scrambling to forget what he sees every day... until today.

Kill The Moon
Take it literally. Who wants to destroy the Moon, and why? It would ruin Earth’s tides and drown coastal cities...

Mummy On The Orient Express
The actual Orient Express or the Orient Express in space, as mentioned on my birthday in 2010?

The Doctor is dead, killed too quickly to regenerate. A medical station in the 77th century could save him... but it’s at the edge of an interstellar war.

In The Forest Of The Night
A William Blake reference. Sort of has to be about a sinister animal/monster in dark forests. Possibly a tiger. Maybe in India during the Raj?

Dark Water
Poseidon, destroyer of Atlantis who tried to shatter the Moon, returns to drag humanity to the depths for the last time.

Death In Heaven
Archaeologists discover a fossilised humanoid body... with wings. What was it that fell to Earth millennia ago?

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