Saturday, 8 November 2014

Death In Heaven

“I wasn’t sure. You lose sight sometimes.”


Seriously, the audience identifier from the 50th anniversary special? Harsh.

KATE NO - okay, never mind. But then how that happened... ew. Nice that he finally got to just shoot the Master, but... ew.

“That was Captain Scarlet.” Cheeky. As SFX noted, the opening dome of St. Paul’s and the flying Cybermen and burning sky all felt rather like the Davies era, sure as some other references to various eras of the show this year.

The army of the dead (on the weekend of Remembrance Day) felt a bit like they were Cybermen by default, other than the option to turn off emotions.

I liked Missy being the Master regenerated into a female form and nobody making a big deal about it.

Jenna Coleman getting first billing after Clara announcing she was the Doctor - loved that.

And they part as friends... lying to each other. The Doctor could probably save Danny, Clara would doubtless help search for Gallifrey...

... and now Nick Frost is Santa. Well, that’ll be different.

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