Saturday, 18 July 2015

The Doctor's hopes and fears

Talking to io9 at Comic-Con:

Peter Capaldi feels that the Doctor has “a complicated moral position, in that he definitely wanted to help people, and wanted to save the universe, but often there would be a wake of suffering and pain. And he thought, ‘Can I live with that? Am I responsible for that?’ And eventually, he realized that is who he is.” But now the Doctor has realized what a gift he has, because “the universe is mine to play in,” says Capaldi. He can “range all the way in time and space.” And even though the Doctor is 2,500 years old, “life is still short.”

Steven Moffat adds “I don’t think the Doctor ever stops asking the question, ‘Am I a good man?’, because that’s what good men do.”

Michelle Gomez talks about making Missy likable, and Jenna Coleman about Clara going headlong into adventures.

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  1. Sean Robert Meaney30 July 2015 at 14:31

    A thought I had was the doctor isnt a man. He is, all like gallifreyans, an alien. The chameleon circuit of the tardis explains what kind of alien they are: not what you see them as. So just because you see this human looking guy, he isnt. He's a mirror chameleon. As the tardis is disguised by the reflection of a police box, the gallifreyans are reflections of what we prefer to see.