Saturday, 5 December 2015

Hell Bent

“Have you been travelling?”
“From time to time...”

Clara! Or not. As a waitress in a retro 50s diner. Possibly a familiar one.

Gallifrey! And a familiar barn. And some people who look like they’re from a Western.

Rassilon isn’t Timothy Dalton any more. (Sadly he isn’t any of the Bonds!)

Special guest monster robot Time Lord things with screamy hologram faces!

He shot him! She got better, but still...

I guess it’s the classic TARDIS set from An Adventure In Time And Space? Very economical use of sets here. Still a very nice nod to where it all started.

“The Hybrid is Me!” with a capital M.

New screwdriver, rotating lights, very swanky, TARDIS blue.

Yes of course I want to watch immortal Clara and Ashildr having time and space adventures in a flying 50s diner.

And in three weeks... River Song! Lots of comedy people! A big robot!

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