Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Suzanne Lenglen

Suzanne Lenglen, whose 117th birthday (of course) is marked today by a Google Doodle, changed women’s tennis with her skill and her statements on its rules and attitudes, and the place of women in sport and society as well.

The Independent says that in 1914, at age 15, “she won the World Hard Court Championships, making her the youngest winner of any major tennis championship – a title which she still holds.”

She was an early female sports star, her style pushed the flapper look into the mainstream and she encouraged women to follow her example in active pursuits.

An adventure could feature her expertise - aliens seeking to challenge humanity’s champions, perhaps, or needing to find someone who can strike a target just so to deactivate a killer space automaton threatening Paris - or her effect on society, with someone wanting to change it.

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