Saturday, 15 April 2017

The Pilot

“I know you’re not really a sci-fi person...”

Calling the first episode of a new season after a year off The Pilot is quite cute. It does feature a pilot... and it is very much a jumping-on point first episode of the show.

New companion Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) providing the outside perspective of the Doctor as the Mysterious Stranger, in this case lecturing on anything and everything at university where she works, like Rose Tyler before her, providing chips.

But there’s another Mysterious Stranger around, Heather (Stephanie Hyam from the recent ITV Jekyll & Hyde and the New Year 2016 Sherlock) and there will soon be running and screaming and creepy voice imitating and rising out of water and more water dripping off her, a lot of not-new tricks (from previous episodes and other places like It Follows) but used in a new way, all rather wistful and sad.

Also Daleks. And Movellans in their full Silver Rick James glory, who are never named or explained so a non-fan would probably find them rather baffling.

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