Saturday, 6 May 2017

Knock Knock

The BBC announcer starts with the old joke the title suggests...

A gang of students, some romantic misunderstanding, a creepy house... a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it David Bowie cameo (on a record cover)... and a sad monster.

I could imagine Bill’s friends as a spinoff. Though they’ll need a new house.

David Suchet as the Landlord is (as one might expect) wonderfully creepy, with Mike Bartlett’s first Doctor Who script giving him a very precise and rather antiquated way of speaking, which particularly stood out with the casually chatty tenants.

Seeing the house in the previews, it very much reminded me of Blink. It may be the same house...

And student accommodation can be a lot like that before the monsters move in. The first attack being explained as that one guy in shared housing who stays in his room for days on end... been there.

And another end tag for Nardole and The Big Scary Door.

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