Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Here's three elements, go make a game

Last year at Conpulsion I ran The Hammer Of Time and fun was had, I reckon. This year, I am not running Doctor Who... but I probably am.

How is this possible? I AM IRN GM!

The game is to grab three GURPS books sight-unseen from a shelf, and come back a day later with an adventure. It doesn't have to be for GURPS. So I think, based on what kinds of books come out for GURPS, there's a good chance of getting a historical era and some kind of monster book, the sort of disparate elements that can make a Doctor Who adventure.

(I'm also running a Buffy adventure based on a popular vote for what Buffy should fight.)

Testing this theory, I went to the GURPS shelf at my friendly local games store and tapped it at random three times, and this got:

Traveller (a space opera setting), Low Tech, and Magic.

Well, Traveller's no problem. Low Tech and Magic aren't really either. All three together... Well...

But I thought of the original FASA Doctor Who adventure "The Lords Of Destiny"...

A generation colony ship flies through the depths of space, home to tens of thousands... but when the computer dedicated to educating the descendants of the original crew went mad, all but the most basic knowledge of the ship's systems was lost. So now the ship thunders through space, out of control, with its passengers unaware of the universe outside and believing the ship's systems work by the will of unknown gods... as it nears the world it was sent to colonise with no way of stopping!

Obviously if I get three books that strongly suggest a different game I'll consider that... but I think Doctor Who is a pretty safe basis.

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