Wednesday, 18 April 2012

If I were to put just one person in the TARDIS...

For any who may be wondering, my classic companion, i.e. “pretty modern British girl”.

Emily Stevens

(Felicity Jones)

History student, Kings College London


Awareness 4
Coordination 3
Ingenuity 5
Presence 4
Resolve 4
Strength 3


Athletics 2
Convince 3
Fighting 1
Knowledge 4 (Area of Expertise: History)
Medicine 2
Science 1
Subterfuge 2
Technology 1
Transport 1

Good Traits

Run For Your Life!

Bad Traits

Code Of Conduct (Minor: impulsively helping others)
Eccentric (Minor: hyper-chatty)
Insatiable Curiosity

Personal Goal: To see history and know more.

The child of a teacher and a nurse, Emily was always encouraged to learn and to help, and was often left to her own devices. Growing up restless and curious, she is an active student of history and of the mysterious.

Emily was one of the best students in her year, until she missed picking up the reading list from a guest lecturer, ran to catch up with him and saw him getting into an old-fashioned police box. And now she’s away on the ultimate field trip...

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