Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Wilf and Frobisher are both the right answer.

Happy birthday David Tennant!

And completely irrelevantly, SFX bloggers on atypical companions, again.

I of course started The Door In Time with a bunch of variously atypical companions due to them being PCs, and I didn't actually mean to twist things around to the classic format when most of them got off and Effie was rejuvenated, series two (and three) just sort of crept up on me. If more of this were planned I'd do things differently.

Not on the "talking cabbage" level of "differently", but not going from a sixty-year-old, two historicals (one of them cohabiting with an alien ghost) and someone from the future to an eighteen-year-old who used to be the sixty-year-old. She's different in experience but she certainly looks like a classic companion, and it was never my intention to make such a drastic change to an ongoing character. Still, it reflects the occasional chaos of a TV series better than it otherwise might.

As a player (I got to do it that one time) I purposely made a classic companion, as I correctly figured nobody else would.

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