Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Eternity Clock

The much-heralded new Doctor Who game has arrived, with motion-captured Matt Smith and two-player River Song, and... it’s largely a platform game with some dodging and puzzles and River shooting things.

The following observations drawn from a walkthrough of the Cybermen bit. I shall return to discuss the story once I know how it ends.

So what’s the plot then? Earth has been caught in a time storm and...

Purposely Vague Spoilers!

To begin with, the TARDIS materialises in the vault of the Bank of England and the Doctor has to break out. That’s a nice start - accidentally stuck inside a highly secure location.

“Ah, haven’t had a workout like this for a while...” The Doctor observes as he shimmies dangling from a pipe after parkouring his way up to it. Yes, Doctor, that’s because you’re not Spider-Man.

“Who designed this place? Escher?!” Five minutes into the tutorial level might be a bit early to be making jokes about your own level design.

(Escher-style level designs have appeared in games, as well as influencing the climax of Labyrinth among others, and could be an interesting puzzle to solve.)

River gets rather more use out of the hallucinogenic lipstick than one might expect, as it’s used as a stealth takedown effect. There’s even an achievement for using it six or more times.

“Be careful. We’ll be fine as long as we stay out of-”
“Target acquired! Open fire!”
It’s good at interrupting when you get in trouble, which is nice.

Plenty of dialogue, much of it amusing. Oddly the Cybermen sound wrong half the time...

“When I am done this with I am gonna have arms like the Corsair!”
And again, acknowledging that this is not what the Doctor does...

... Still, I do like the Doctor’s hats.

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