Monday, 25 June 2012

A Series Of Skywatch. 10: Science Fiction That Is About Science!

With all the monsters invading, alien tech raining down and ghosts in the machine, the Whoniverse is a decidedly soft SF setting. But every now and then it looks at what’s going on in real-world science. The inventors of the Cybermen went on to create Doomwatch, and Torchwood Three’s first pre-watershed adventure (on the radio) was about something haunting CERN.

I run the odd “we just found or did X!” article here, when I come across a “we found or did X!” bit in the news and forums. Bringing things into the Whoniverse is generally a case of exaggerating a bit.

Example: Return To Me

Scientists spark the growth of a human eye with stem cells

How far are we from growing a whole person? And who would that person be?

What if you could sample a few cells and clone someone, complete with long-term memory?

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