Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Eternity Clock Strikes Again

Following on from part one.

Oh so many many many puzzles.

Another suspiciously spacious sewer, this leading to special guest Silurians (“Homo Reptilia!” as the Doctor keeps insisting, like that’s any more accurate) and some prettier if more orange level design.

Dalek-conquered London of... 2106? Why 2106? What was wrong with 2150? Still, a ruined city crawling with Daleks is the best excuse for the platforms and easily-dodged guards. (and I quite like the propaganda posters.)

Unlike, say, Elizabethan London, all of which is apparently under construction and has an insane number of guards. (Lampshaded later on, but still.)

The initial stealth sequence with the Silence is a bit of an interesting spin, as you have to keep them in sight.

“You are ours, little girl.” Okay, that’s creepy.

Not sure it justifies gunning down quite so many of them, though...

Stealing the steeple of St. Paul’s and flying it through the vortex - now that feels like Doctor Who.

So what is the Eternity Clock actually for? Cataloguing fixed points in history - and potentially unfixing them. Alright, that’s a fairly big deal.

And they all seem to have the same plan - use the storm and/or Clock to manipulate history. “History is ours!” is announced by both the Daleks and the Silence.

Some really unhelpful door positioning and unmoving camera.

And finally... well, it’s a nice Dalek leader design.

And, uh... no closure at all, then.

No wonder the Cybermen sounded off, apparently they got Matt Smith and Alex Kingston but they didn’t get Nick Briggs.

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