Tuesday, 31 July 2012

How does this crossover work?

Siskoid just reviewed issue 3 of the Who/Trek crossover comic, in which Captain Kirk meets the fourth Doctor and they battle Troughton-era Cybermen. The Doctor being a time traveller means this is entirely reasonable in-universe, but it wouldn’t have worked like that on TV. At the time Star Trek was being made, it would be the second Doctor. (Would it be in colour?)

Likewise, the main crossover in the series is with the later Next Generation seasons, which would be the seventh Doctor and Ace? If Eleven, Amy and Rory were to meet a Starfleet crew in their home medium, and we don’t want to try a Trials And Tribble-ations “drop the characters into an old show” episode, it would have to be Kirk and Spock from the Abrams timeline...

(See also crossovers and canon when considering such matters.)


  1. And indeed, the Cybermen are 2nd Doc-era!

    And yeah, TNG would have had to cross over with Seven and Ace (or Mel), and DS9 or Voyager with Doc8. Enterprise was ending as Doc9 came on the scene, so not much of a shot. (Of course, TNG's movie era lasted until 2002, so they could have met 8 as well.)

    Possible cheat: The Animated Series. But no, that would have matched the TOS crew with Pertwee, not Baker.

    If Docs 4 through 7 are to meet the TOS crew, it would be during their movie era. So wrong uniforms in this one.

    1. Of course, that would lead to The Motion Picture costumes, and no-one wants that.