Saturday, 10 November 2012

Seeing yourself in the past

Amy and Rory spotted in 1950s painting?

Probably just a coincidence, but...

Seeing yourself in an old picture or other representation, particularly a very old one, is one of the classic “whoa...” moments in stories about time travel.

Of course it would be more surprising in a game that doesn’t star the crew of a time machine...

It happened to Ace in Silver Nemesis but then her arc was curtailed before we saw the reason, and happened in The Stone Rose to, well, you can probably guess.

(Back To The Future loves this, even on top of the fading photos caused by paradoxes. The closest Primeval went was a news report with no photo - I may use it for an episode hook.)

It’s a moment of a fixed point in time, something you then have to do... or do you? Do you have to go to that time and place, dress as you’re shown... participate in the events depicted?

What if it shows you doing something you’d rather not do? Like waving from the Titanic, or standing bravely in front of a firing squad?

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