Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Two Celebrity Historicals In One

Mark Twain visiting Nikolai Teslas laboratory.

Which reminded me of awesome people hanging out together. Scroll down far enough and youll find (a) Andy Warhol met everybody and (b) moments like Theodore Roosevelt hill walking in Yosemite with John Muir and the surprising sight of Amelia Earhart admiring Harpo Marxs costume on the set of Horse Feathers.

And perhaps the ultimate scientific example, the Solway Conference.

Generally one historical celebrity (or one group generally thought of going together, like a political movement or an artistic or musical group) is enough and provides plenty of characterisation, so a further guest star might just complicate matters unnecessarily, but a meeting could be the cause of the adventure, or a gag made in passing. Ive used the Shelleys and Byron at the Villa Diodati before (as have Big Finish and Doctor Who Adventures) but which other intersections of history could attract the attentions of time travellers and alien invaders?


  1. Do Paul Rudd and Jason Bateman, who must have done a dozen films together already (citation required) really count in the same category as the rest of those pics?

    1. I wouldn't have thought so, but this is an all-in kind of thing, so it includes (for example) two members of the same band hanging out about as often as the real "how did that happen?" moments.