Saturday, 8 December 2012

Before you know the rest of the story...

IDW have relaunched and renumbered their Doctor Who comics again with the second Issue 1 of the Eleventh Doctor era after the previous run only got to 16 (you’re never going to get to issue 450 like that, you know!) and Hypothetical Gentleman, which addresses Amy and Rory’s first anniversary, just months after losing Melody - an emotional gut-punch that the series never really addressed.

I only have the first issue (picked up in Forbidden Planet London as it was signed by artist Mark Buckingham) so I have half the story, a cliffhanger, and the significance given to that dating to go on. Issue 2 seems to be out, but I haven’t seen it, so having half a story I inevitably wonder what happens next...

It also features a Victorian psychic in touch with angels(?) and building a device to contact parallel worlds. Which I’m sure will end well, and not like The Unquiet Dead.

So how will it end? I’ll know soon enough, hopefully, but how would I end it based on what I know?

Because we have an insubstantial shadowy figure stepping out of the portal and freezing people in time, the mystery of the portal’s creation, the psychic pretending to be a medium to raise extra funds and potentially getting in trouble with that...

Obviously the big mystery will be address (although it may be setting up a “season” arc) and we’ll get Rory un-frozen.

The medium trick might be a throwaway introduction hinting that all is not as it seems, but could also come back leading to a cat-and-mouse chase with the police and a bit of psychic charlatanry to solve another problem with a Scooby-Doo scare-them-off trick.

I would guess that the contact to parallel worlds will tie in to Rory’s suggestion that there’s a world out there where Melody is with them - which hints at a maudlin turn for the story as we might at most glimpse that happier alternative.

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