Tuesday, 11 December 2012

You Are In Charge...

What do you do? What do you do?!

I will answer this at some point...

Okay, now I have.

Let’s say we hit the Thirteenth Doctor, play up the supposed finality of it (while obviously having potential ways out). Ominous portents and warnings, which if anything make him more reckless.

New companion! Sunita, history student at a poly-turned-university, first meets the Doctor when he steals something vital from the library and she tries to tackle him. Good for historicals, but also good at spotting patterns in behaviour.

Once the former showrunners have had some time off, see if I can get a funny Davies episode and a scary Moffat episode. And a heartbreaking Paul Cornell episode too. And another mind-bending Rob Shearman one. And a Neil Gaiman... and...

Call up John Wagner and Pat Mills to see if they’d like to adapt one of their Fourth Doctor comics or do something new, and Scott Gray and Alan Barnes for their sterling work in the comic since the Eighth Doctor. And Sir Terry Pratchett, and Warren Ellis, and Kim Newman, and Barbara Hambly, and...

I suppose I’ll let myself write one or two episodes as well.

If I get one insane off-format episode (like the animated ones) I’d love to see an Aardman claymation Doctor Who story.

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  1. I thought the way out of Regen13 was all the regens he absorbed from River? But the rest sounds good. Ok, you've got the job.