Sunday, 11 May 2014

Douze Points!

I was going to create adventure hooks from Eurovision, but found Effie’s player and her husband, arguably bigger Whovians than me, have already done so. So I republish their efforts with gratitude.

They won’t all work as adventures for Doctor Who (some would work for Fiasco) but have been included for the record.

As well as the full-on-Who (check out the blue swirly vortex) they also nod to Lord Of The Rings, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, Frozen, DC Comics, and Austria’s winning crossdressing Bond theme.

Matthew and Edith present Eurovision 2014: Adventures In Time And Space!

Okay... we’ve watched Eurovision and our commentary on all the songs will be up soon. Please remember that we only look at the stage show.

It was heavily sci fi this year with a female timelord saving Gallifrey, conflicted Cylon centurions and of course the intro music to Space Rome, a series that we want to see kickstarted.

Our top three are:

Italy: The intro to the eagerly awaited 1970’s sci fi series Space Rome!
Malta: The serial killing hill-billy family with the very fertile fields of flowers.
Slovenia: Female Time Lord and companions trapped in a black hole, she escapes using her sonic flute and restores Gallifrey.

San Marino: The anthropomorphic personification of a Tsunami.
Netherlands: Amish boy falls in love with a city girl and runs away with her - but the world between them is always fractures.
Hungary: Man confessing to murder to police, he tries to run, gives up and recounts killing his wife in domestic abuse.
Switzerland: It’s the end of the world, but we are in a bunker, let’s party.
Spain: The Little Mermaid standing in the rain, dreaming of returning to the sea.
Finland: A Cylon centurion after they have had their limits removed struggling between the order of the machine and disorder of life.
Russia: Jedi twins on separate side of the Force, trying to seek balance, unaware that they are both being controlled by an evil Sith lord.
Sweden: A woman caught in a cage, who escapes but discovers that she likes the cage, but only on her terms.
Germany: A threesome polka band, by night two musicians make love, in the day the singer is in charge, then she finds out about their affair and kills them both (hence the bloody ribbons).
Austria: A Bond girl rethinking her life as she falls backwards into a volcano.
Greece: Three guys at a yuppie bar after work, they get drunk and experiment sexually with each other.
Poland: A Polish mail order bride advert.
Montenegro: After seeing it at the cinema a young man dreams of being the queen in Disney’s Frozen.
Armenia: A Ranger protesting the absence of the Grey Council of the Minbari while a war rages outside. Eventually he kills himself destroying the Grey Council ship.
Romania: Upbeat re-imagining of Frodo offering Galadriel the Ring.
Norway: Thor reaching the base of a shattered Bifrost in the Clouds to realise he is too late and Ragnarok is over.
Iceland: The icons from Bejewelled escape the game and enter the real world where they are happy and free from being destroyed.
Azerbaijan: Superwoman trying to leave her Kyptonian heritage and become either a nun or a circus performer. But can she abandon the world to its fate.
Belarus: A man has attempted to clone his perfect partner, but it never quite went as he wanted. He is trying to ignore them, but they really need him to notice them.
Ukraine: Behind the troubles giant hamsters have taken of the Ukraine and intend to go into space.
United Kingdom: Sorceress controlling ravens.

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  1. And an overall explanation from The Ravens Of Despair author Steve:

    I think Eurovision is what we show to the aliens. Conchita is Queen of Earth now, all negotiations go through her.