Monday, 19 May 2014

The Rubik's Cube is 40

Today’s Google Doodle provides the potentially infuriating timesink of a virtual Rubik’s Cube to mark its invention four decades ago. Since then, it has been a puzzle, a fad, a piece of 80s nostalgia as it grew to fame after about a decade, a visual indicator for “this person is smart”, a prop in Doctor Who and a reference in The God Complex in particular, and, um, a cartoon.

“One night Carlos, Reynaldo and Lisa Rodriguez stumbled on a secret that would change their lives. They rescued a colorful cube and solved his puzzle, setting him free. In this one act the kids had made a friend for life. His name is Rubik.”

Well, as author of a blog for roleplaying about a two-hearted alien who travels through space and time in an old police box I shouldn’t really be surprised.

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