Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Caretaker

Surprisingly, no comments about his choice of “caretaker” rather than “janitor”. The implication of taking care goes without saying, perhaps.

“Why do you do it? Travel with him?”

A minor threat (this is a show where an insane battle robot that could blow up the world and has to be punted into space is a minor threat) doesn’t get in the way of the drama and comedy. Loads of amusing lines, and telling ones as well.

All that dodging around Danny is resolved. Clara trying to keep her worlds apart makes sense, but it might have dragged if it had kept going.

Back in a high school for Gareth Roberts, a lead writer for The Sarah Jane Adventures.

I could have gone for more farcical keeping the battle robot away from the parents’ evening but you can’t have everything.

Chris Addison! I had him on my list of theoretical Doctors for my “the Doctor is split into different aspects” convention game idea. And it’s a The Thick Of It reunion on the way.

Most convincingly unsuccessful companion tryout ever.

How would you play it?

Travellers getting mixed up in a companion’s everyday life, trying to avoid getting them in trouble (and utterly failing) while dealing with something strange and deadly is fairly straightforward. A recurring issue for Rose Tyler, in particular.

Bring in friends and family as part-time PCs, expand the companion’s supporting cast. It’s more common in the modern era, we haven’t seen a companion from outside the modern era dealing with it - Jamie only returned to the Highlands when he was dropped off, for example. That could make for an interesting twist for a historical, future or unearthly character, particularly someone from a suitably turbulent era suited to multiple adventures.

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