Monday, 23 February 2015

Clanbook: Gallifrey

On yon other blog, I was thinking about who to use as a photo reference for Tremere, a major Vampire: The Masquerade NPC, founder of one of the thirteen modern vampire Clans. I have now decided on Paul McGann.

Which, naturally, lead me to think which Clan his Doctor would best fit into.

And then which Clan all the Doctors would best fit. Of course, he’s really a Son of Ether. Or a True Fae.

1st: Sage, venerable, sinister. Tremere.
2nd: A trickster who feigns harmlessness. Ravnos.
3rd: Grand showoff adventurer. Ventrue.
4th: Huge and weird. Kiasyd.
5th: Children of Gaia. ;)
6th: Malkavian!
7th: Started Malkavian but went Tremere.
8th: Starry-eyed romantic. Toreador.
War: World-weary survivor. Gangrel.
9th: Glowering humanist. Brujah. Or one of those Tremere anarchs.
10th: Starry-eyed romantic. Toreador.
11th: Classic attention-shifting Malkavian.
12th: Proper Brujah down to this boots.

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