Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Class: Co-Owner Of A Lonely Heart

Between A Monster Calls, the veiny-tree-like things in the previous episode and the killer cherry blossom this time, is Patrick Ness scared of plants?

Anyway, they’re a subplot that will take centre stage next week, because this week, earlier than I’d anticipated, April sharing her heart with the king of the Shadowkin gets addressed. Her eyes glow ragily and she manifests scimitars of darkness, while he (in an amusing and very Buffy moment) wants a cuddle after the first time April makes love.

Oh, and her terrible dad appears, one episode after being established in dialogue. Was this show meant to have a couple more episodes?

The subplot also brings in the new headteacher.

Tanya stands up for Miss Quill. Yay!

And we also find out how the cabinet works. That may be an issue later on.

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