Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Class: The Lost

April has a nice singing voice.

Killing off two of the kids’ lone parents? Bit harsh. Though I will admit that I was therefore glad when Miss Quill saved Tanya’s brothers.

The Governors have a secret room beyond space and time, which looks like a cathedral and doesn’t fit in the space available for it. Which is all perfectly normal for the Whoniverse at large but still feels a bit too fantasy-ish for the adventures of some kids at a school with a bit of a rip in spacetime.

Oh, and apparently they work for a Weeping Angel. (I thought that killing someone by turning your back on them in the presence of an Angel worked, but the rest of the reveal not so much...)

And the Cabinet of Souls killed off the Shadowkin and only did one soul’s worth of transference. With a very “how do you write your way out of that?” ending.

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