Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Doctor's Wife

Scary voices! Green Ood! Corridors! Neil Gaiman!

(And a lovely Confidential with him reading the script... I'd tune in to a Doctor Who that was read by him weekly...)

And if we believe the Doctor, robot King Arthur and gender-switching tattooed Time Lords. Rory rather sensibly asks if we should. Amy says she was there in the first case. But then, can we trust what Amy says...

Surreal and hilarious, like the twelve-year-old’s junk TARDIS controlled by a skipping rope, as well as a wee bit grim considering the lure.

It might be terribly important, or not at all.

And the energy was a bit more sparkly than regeneration, but just a bit. Which suggests... it’s all about the artron energy?

What could we take away to games? Well, there are creepy things out there that eat time machines, and sometimes they come up with terrible plans. And there are, or were, other mad swashbuckling Time Lords around (who may be Ladies a couple of times) and that going outside the universe is possible if rather unlikely, and that you should pull to open.

In a the-Time-Lords-aren’t-all-dead era, you could team up with other mad swashbuckling Time Lords for an adventure or two, see different peculiar TARDISes (and possibly argue with them) and that's got to be interesting.

And we know what a TARDIS looks like at absolute minimum.

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