Monday, 9 May 2011


I was out all weekend, so my commentary upon The Curse Of The Black Pearl Spot comes after BOTIS’s so would be largely academic.

So I’ll note a few interesting things.

The PIRATES! were initially antagonistic, then turned out to be rather less so as the story went along. It’s an example of a possible enemy turning out to be in trouble, as well as of a group that could go either way, because PIRATES! are by and large bad people but genre geeks by and large kinda love them.

Henry A/Every really existed. Despite being a bit of a PIRATES! geek I must have missed him. Didn’t matter at all to know this, though. So that could be a model for Celebrity Historicals where the celebrity isn’t that well known.

Note the title quote of the BOTIS thread. The Doctor is wrong, pretty heavily wrong, more than once. We see him work things out, miss things, it’s a bit of a mystery... and was it a logical deduction at the end or a leap of faith?

The ongoing plot gets some nudges and winks. Frances Barber in an Odin-style metal eyepatch appearing at any door... we’ll see what that means in time. And Amy and Rory worrying about the Doctor’s mortality (as opposed to Rory’s, almost dying again) gives the adventure a bit of extra foreboding... but just a bit, as this is a light little story all told. With PIRATES! and all.

Tricorns are cool. So when the Doctor wears one he doesn’t need to say so.



  1. YAAARR! That be a good episode, says I!

    What got me REALLY wondering was the neg/pos the Doctor was running on Amy at the end... Where is that baby???

  2. The baby with the time head being there and not only works until she ought to start to show, so... we'll see...