Saturday, 30 April 2011

Day Of The Moon

Title not a strong on-message one. The Moon doesn’t win anything. And today is Saturn’s day anyway.


The Silence presumably have (or had) a plan of some sort, beyond “be creepy and occasionally kill people to make a point and abduct the odd child”. One hopes it’s a villainous plan, given that the Doctor just got Canton to shoot one and then kept it as a POW, told humanity to kill them all on sight, and let River Song massacre half a dozen of them in a pointless laser battle that the TARDIS crew would normally have had enough time to escape just before. I’m not against pointless laser battles to make characters look awesome, but also not wildly keen on the message that sends. Still, he does give them plenty of warning to leave.

Despite that, I hope we see more of Canton, young or old.

As threats go, “Silence will fall” is nicely creepy in a terrible inevitability kind of way, but when the threatening being calls itself the Silence it gets a bit weird. It sounds more like a portent of one’s own doom. If, say, a Dalek said “The Daleks will fall!” it wouldn't sound like good news for them, would it? Consider Rory’s observation included in this very episode: “Rome fell.”

The Doctor saves the day with a terribly clever flourish, which is fine now and then. Not as “of course, that’s brilliant!” as “something old...” or “the ghost of Christmas Future” but more of an “er, if you say so...” this week, though.

As a Celebrity Historical it was rather interesting. Nixon is shown as a bit smarmy, joked about in retrospect, but he basically comes good all things considered. Even Nixon would want to help a little girl in trouble, and try to save the world when given the opportunity.

And, oh yes, the little girl. Whoa...

BOTIS with more details and more spoilers.

Still, next week, PIRATES! Two weeks before the new Pirates movie comes out. Oh well.

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