Thursday, 28 April 2011

Help this man!

Kit on "recovered TARDIS" game setups.

I've been helping already. It's one of the classics - unreliable time machine, no (also unreliable) pilot attached. Go anywhere and anywhen at the whim of the players and GM and maybe the player characters if they ever figure out what they're doing, poke things with sticks that mortal man was not meant to poke with sticks, and run from Daleks.

It was the form our playtest game took. As nobody stuck their hand up to play a Time Lord we had a psychic who "inherited" the knowledge to pilot it (sort of) by mindlink. We were all adventurous sorts (my PCs was expressly what I'd make a companion like) which you kind of have to be when the basic format is "you leave the TARDIS and..." - and yes, I know of players who go "I stay in the TARDIS!"

Beyond that, it allowed us to stumble onto alien invasions, space operas, historical epochs, old FASA adventures with at most slight rewriting of the reason the PCs take interest after arriving, different GMs taking shots, a mild case of meeting the same characters out of sequence and things of that sort. As a lot of the adventures were pre-written and adapted to test the system, and the series didn't come to a real conclusion, and I don't fancy belatedly typing up two years' worth of gaming, no AP exists, so you'll have to take my word for some of this.

But yeah, it's a way to go.


  1. I'm starting to think that's the way I should have gone. It's been a hard slog getting the players to buy into playing the incarnations of a by necessity larger than life type, as wandering Time Lords are.

  2. Some players take to it naturally - indeed, some players can't stop playing larger-than-life characters - but yeah.