Friday, 15 April 2011

IDW have regenerated their Doctor Who comic to issue 1, and I had to check that Tony Lee is still writing, because they’ve apparently told him to cut down the obscure continuity references, so this issue we have a brief visit to the planet of hard light holograms, and all the references are about spam email, Windows Assistant, Red Dwarf and Danny Trejo. It works rather better as a result. I could imagine it as a rather more costly Comic Relief eight-minuter.

Next issue, Jack the Ripper, which could easily be mired in Victorian adventure references unless this is kept up, perhaps as a deliberate editorial policy of “interest the people watching the big BBC America push and avoid confusing them with obscure references”.


  1. I agree that it's a whole lot better than it had become. I'm 3 issues in and the Jack the Ripper stuff while replete with Ripperology stuff does not contain undue references to obscure Who (or LXG) trivia.