Sunday, 29 May 2011

The joy of trailers

The trailer for A Good Man Goes To War did get me fair buzzing with excitement.

Spoilers! Spaceships! Sith! ... People in berets!

I like a "whoa, what is that?" trailer, as you may have gathered.

Whatever it is, it looks like it might be the first big crazy action space opera epic of the Moffat era, and whether this is true or not the possibility is rather appealing because it's a new Who plot type we haven't seen him try as writer or showrunner, just briefly toy with in one scene each of Victory Of The Daleks and The Pandorica Opens. So how much big crazy action space opera epic we actually get is as yet unknown, but I'm hoping for enough to get by.

And of course, there's nothing like making a trailer to get me thinking about swipable visuals which, in Doctor Who, can come from just about anywhere.

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