Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Man Who Never Was

Well timed for the launch of the new iWhateverItIs, the satire on flashy product launches is just a minor aside really, about as significant as the charming Peter Bowles cameo.

Humans enslaving aliens, naughty naughty. Great twist on the cliffhanger.

A black market in aliens and their technology, worth millions - as noted by garethl on the DWAITAS forum, there's a plot hook for the use of.

Sky's powers get minimal but appropriate use.

And the last episode of SJA features the dirtiest joke in the show's history. By quite some way.

Nothing like being imprisoned with someone to introduce a likeminded would-be escapee. In this case, a young Polish cleaner (a background I've been half expecting to see on TV for a while now).

And the story goes on... forever.

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