Saturday, 1 October 2011

Pterodactyls are vermin. Do not feed.

The Wedding Of River Song was given shorter shrift than killing Hitler in Let's Kill Hitler!

I should probably spoiler-cut this, for those in other territories who haven't already watched it through back channels.

Lovely bonkers introduction. We had time going mad last year, but this is just that bit madder.

Smallest companion ever?

Someone online Siskoid was generally right about the eyepatches.

I was right that "Silence Will Fall" is a threat to the Silence, not by them.

We had two escape hatches for what the Doctor was, one was duly used, so we could all feel clever.

Scary Amy.

"Pond. Amy Pond."

Badass Rory.

"The man who dies and dies again. Die one more time."

Time Lords do handfasting?

Special guest Dalek! (And wrecked again, avoiding the 'ew the hump' problem.)

Special guest Silurian! (Silurians popping up in supporting roles is becoming a recurring thing. Which is cool, being a bit Trek with some creatures.)

Special guest Dickens!

Stealth special guest Gatiss!

It IS The Question!

And not being able to call in the Brigadier. Ow.

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  1. I was right with the eyepatches! WOOT! And Snell on my blog was right about how the Doctor got out of dying.