Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Sarah Jane Adventures: Sky

With Doctor Who off until Christmas (barely ten weeks, never mind!) The Sarah Jane Adventures has returned with the final three stories.

“Never careful, always prepared!”

A helpless (although dangerous) baby. She later zaps into a more filming-friendly (and gaming-friendly) teenage form, like many a genre fiction baby before her, but seeing one’s PCs looking after an infant can be highly amusing. It even works on all but the most hardcore Lone Wolf PCs.

A big clunky metal bloke arriving Terminator style.

Handy use of contacts.

“I know what a robot looks like – I’ve seen Star Wars!”
The old ‘try and get sense out of a witness who might be insane’ scene is always amusing, albeit usually just for the GM.

Electrokinesis - an untraceable ranged attack that looks like heart failure or an accident, very nasty.

The portals need nuclear power, that’s a pretty clever of limiting teleportation. Hmm. (yoink)

“Ah, good! Now! Take me to your leader!”
Always wanted to say that... Barging in on villains and wrongfooting them, puts you in the driver’s seat.

“You’ve brought your war to Earth!”
Putting the PCs (and possibly the planet) between two factions, possibly including greater or lesser evils but neither of them good news, can encourage argument and debate over who to help and stop, and generally leads the players to look for another way. Breaking the horns of a dilemma makes those responsible look duly heroic.

Oh, and always have a spare can-do-anything character around, just try not to overuse them.

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