Saturday, 24 September 2011

Jim Henson

Today's Google Doodle marking Jim Henson's 75th birthday with digital puppets created by the Henson Company.

I don't have an adventure hook in mind that would suit him, but in his life and legacy there are plenty to be found.

Farscape alone looks to have had some influence on Doctor Who returning in 2005 - just look at the logos, and the colour schemes for Moya and the TARDIS.

Or consider the collaborations with Neil Gaiman...

Or The Storyteller could fuel an entire series, m'dearios.

And let's see...

A sinister mythic figure steals a child, and the travellers have just until midnight to find him.

A world ruled by gnarled, hateful creatures, with a circle of wise old seers as their only rivals... and each is an aspect of the other.

But those are obvious. How about...

An underground colony of two species living (more or less) at peace, with a third race in the land above who hunt them for stealing from their gardens, not understanding all they do for their world.

A succession of peculiar circumstances leads to the travellers having to put on a variety show with a horde of strange alien performers...

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