Friday, 23 September 2011

What is this show anyway?

From "Sell Me On Doctor Who" this is me:

"Since it's run for thirty-odd series over forty-eight years, Doctor Who is many different things. You might love one episode and hate the next. You might find the current format doesn't work for you and the classic does, or vice versa, or neither. There's probably a story out there you'd enjoy, but how to find it...

The current Moffat run is a comedy-horror-fairytale, with each episode leaning more towards one or other of those poles. The Davies era was more a comedy-romantic-adventure, with individual horror episodes mostly supplied by Moffat. The classic series could mostly be split up by Doctors and/or executive producers, like the Tom Baker years being split between Robert Holmes pastiching horror, Douglas Adams being Douglas Adams and Christopher Bidmead trying to make Proper Science Fiction."

And this is prisoneroffantasy:

"Doctor Who has everything. The trouble is that most folks don't like everything, they only like *some* things. It can take a bit of patience to find those Doctor Who stories which are meant for you, but for me it's been well worth it."

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