Saturday, 3 September 2011

Night Terrors

Oh this is clever and fun but not all that scary OHGODMAKEITSTOPAAAGHH!

People being turned into other things against their will is one of my “eek” buttons so Purcell turning into a doll (a girl doll no less, not even a doll version of himself) gave me a bit of a shiver. I blame Superman III.

And Jamie Oram, the kid playing George, as seen in Confidential is chatty and excitable and then he plays the traumatised victim so well.

And ooooh that’s a thin thin SF excuse for a horror fantasy story. Thiiiin. :D

Nice chat with Mark Gatiss about writing for the different Doctors, lots of nice things to say about messrs. Eccleston and Tennant, and Steven Moffat’s observation that if you don't know a new Doctor, “you write for your default Doctor”.

Probably the only time Hole will ever play on the Confidential soundtrack.

And I love that Rory now assumes he’s dead whenever something bad happens.

Next week, teleporting Aibo-droids and extra Amys and Edward Scissorhands’ garden.

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