Monday, 12 September 2011

Character Building

As launched with Doctor Who, the Lego-compatible Character Building line now branches out into something not unlike Lego's Minifigs, generic figures. Initially a box set, but I would guess they're looking at the Minifigs market as they already have individual figures in bags for two quid a pop in the Who line.

Astronauts, soldiers, knights, builders, F1 drivers, footballers, ninjas and zombies. Obviously.

All very nice. But how much I'd like generic realistic 5" scale action figrues as well. After all, they've never given us, for example, a UNIT Soldier.

They have made two generic Roman soldiers, one for The Pandorica Opens causing the start of two years' grumbling about the lack of a Rory figure, and one for The Fires Of Pompeii in which IIRC no soldiers actually appear.

So yes! Give me astronauts! Soldiers! Knights! Admittedly not so much the builders or F1 drivers or footballers. But I'm sure the ninjas and zombies would sell too...

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