Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Doctor Who: Worlds In Time (Where Else Would They Be?)

The free MMO's preview play is up and we now know what it looks like. It's visibly For The Kids but has a supposed minimum play age of 13, and it's puzzle-based, and done in Flash, and WANTS YOUR MONEY hence the indirect link.

You're recruited (in your pyjamas) to help unstitch Time, which has gone wonky. You get a customisable look (with micropayments for more, BOO) and a customisable sonic screwdriver (hooray!) and bounce from era to era solving puzzles and running away from monsters.

Some of the eras are quite interesting to be fair.

In a bit of a cross-marketing fail, it's about as cutified as Character Building but not the same way. The rollout character types are human, Silurian, Catkind and Tree Of Cheem. Allow me to express my tutting disapproval on behalf of the Ood and Judoon.

Certainly it's not as off-model as other Who computer games but not as on-theme as The Adventure Games. And it WANTS YOUR MONEY. So proceed with caution.

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