Friday, 19 August 2011

It's gaming, Doctor, but not as we know it.

The free Adventure Games, returning soon, show that we live in a bit of a golden age for Whovian computer gaming. I hear tell that The Mazes Of Time has been released, starting free, for the Android (the phone, not the humanoid robot). Okay, the for-pay Nintendo DS and Wii ones may not have been much cop...

... but consider the show's computer gaming history and compare them to this.

Yes, that's the Doctor commandeering a Dalek flying platform in order to play a kill-anything-that-moves side-scrolling shoot-em-up.

Don't worry though, he gets off it later to run around zapping enemies with his sonic screwdriver and throw grenades and pick up bouncing coins...

But even then, in the spirit of pulling good ideas out of The Twin Dilemma, a chase through a maze of tunnels and shafts on a stolen Dalek hoverbout in the style of the hover chase in Akira would be awesome. Just concentrate on the chase, not blasting everything that moves.

Example: Endgame

Colony Nine, an artificial planet on the frontier of the original Great and Bountiful Human Empire. A key point in human history, when the Empire makes peace with the Sekhmet separatist mutants. The Sekhmet will one day lead the battle against the mad god-AI Overseer, and without them its fleet of deathships will blast humanity back to a new dark age.

None of which really helps the Doctor and Emily when a Sekhmet agent kidnaps him on the way to the colony director's offices, seeking retribution for her own people who have gone missing recently...

Together they uncover a Dalek plan to turn Colony Nine into a sun-destroying bomb, starting a war between humanity and the breakaway forces. Pursued through the twisting maze of access tunnels running at the heart of the planet, they have to try and escape the Daleks pursuing them in a terrifying high-speed hoverbout chase.

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