Saturday, 27 August 2011

Shut up, Hitler!

Y'know, I expected a bit more Hitler.

"Spoilers? What's spoilers?"

Trans-time police a cross between Strontium Dog and The Numbskulls.

An abruptly retconned in best friend. Who is abruptly retconned in.

How controllable is her regeneration? Obviously more than the Doctor's (but then everybody's regeneration is more controllable than the Doctor's) so did she change her appearance on purpose? River looks more like a theoretical relative of Amy and Rory than Mels does.

Rory punching Hitler and another Nazi into the bargain.

Rasputin, eh?

Sonic cane!

Hmm. Gallifreyan looks rather like crop circles. Not that particular crop circle, but in general.

Well, 'splains a lot. And next time a nice straightforward story about childhood fears and giant creepy porcelain dolls. Or something.

Still, I'd have liked one more gag at Hitler's expense at the end - maybe see them going back for the TARDIS and he's still in the cupboard going "can I come out now?"


  1. I'm hoping we'll see him still in the cupboard later in the season ;)

    And lady time lords have always had more control over their regenerations, haven't they?

  2. I too expected more. With such a premise, I expected something about time and changing the timeline. No. Hitler got punched in the face by Rory (I'm liking Rory more and more) and then out of the episode.
    I'm liking the Moffat era less and less... Episodes are fine, but not ones I could watch two or three times (like the RTD era ones...)