Friday, 5 August 2011

Doctor Who And The Gen Con Schedule

Gen Con (which I'm not at) is the biggest damn RPG show on Earth. I've discussed some of the news over yonder but Who-specifically? Without a new Who product out, what is there to do?

On the official docket of games being listed to run, these and these. Dunno which system the latter are using.

So, we have an official demo:

That Old Box
"Ever since you can remember, there's been a blue telephone box at the corner of your street. Everyone ignored it - it was just an old phone box, dead and dusty and empty. Now, there's a light on inside the box. Something's changed. Everything's changed. And not a moment too soon."

An unofficial game which is definitely DWAITAS:

Apocalypse All-Nighter: Web of Light
"Following traces of the Doctor, a group of paranormal investigators stumbles into a nightmare."


The Four Doctors
"On his way to retrieve Amy and Rory from their honeymoon, the Doctor is surprised to find the TARDIS crowded with his Second, Fourth and Tenth incarnations. Alarmed by the implications, he becomes positively shaken when Romana and the Master next appear, bearing a message from the White Guardian; 'Equilibrium has fallen and the universe dies. The Doctor must seek the eyes which see no more, that a new eye might be opened.'"

And finally...

Time Storm
"The players find themselves pulled out of different places and times and are thrown together to stop one of the most dangerous threats to the universe. They've landed in a futuristic environment, and the only clue to where they might be is an old blue London Police Box..."

Of the four, the C7 demo game has the most intriguing premise, the other DWAITAS one the vaguest, the third game sounds like the most powerful PC group even though you can't play Rory, and the fourth... hmm, I wonder if they mean players or PCs, could go either way.

Not a bad selection. (Spare a thought for Adventure! which is represented by a comedy mystery set in the 1940s... and an actual Adventure! adventure alone in the Trinity category.)

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