Thursday, 18 August 2011


I failed to add Fermat to my accidental Google Doodle Adventure Idea series because I looked at it, considered what I knew about Fermat's Last Theorem and thought "maths monsters and... I got nothin'."

But today, Wikipedia informs me, is the anniversary of governor John White returning to Roanoke to find it deserted. This has of course become a centuried mystery, due to the mysterious word "Croatoan" carved into a post... despite Croatoan being the name of a nearby island, which White would have searched if not for inclement weather, and then nobody investigated for twelve years.

Still, ignoring things like that, a whole town being abandoned makes good mystery fodder.

Hence aliens using them as weapons, a lost Tribe in Werewolf: The Apocalypse, a DC Comics demon, and the ultimate villain in the series blogged over at Bigger On The Inside.

What would I do with it? Probably something with a mysterious mental force compelling people to leave, to get lost and carry on past the point of all logic. Possibly something like Yellowbrickroad... where if you follow where the disappeared went, you start to experience what they suffered...


  1. I wrote a short campaign where Roatan Island was the first Chapter of the PCs finding the Doctor. It has SO MUCH potential.
    I hope we see an episode like that sometime soon.

  2. We've had a fair few real Fortean episodes here and there, naturally mostly about Brtiish mysterious disappearances, cryptids and the like, from Fang Rock to the Yeti to Agatha Christie's missing week. One that totally undercuts a classic mystery would be quite amusing, but playing it straigth would certainly work. (I have a USS Cyclops episode in my folder.)

  3. Oooh tell us about the USS Cyclops episode